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Welcome To Our Virtual Online Courses!

Enroll in our fully professional, social, and interactive, LIVE and ON-DEMAND, virtual nutrition school now!

Pre-recorded Online Course

Mindful Meal Prep

You have been telling me that you need...


  • Quick and easy meals that the entire family will love!

  • Recipes that use ingredients that can easily be subbed out based on what you have access to!

  • Nutritious meals that keep you feeling fuller longer!

  • To become more confident and more fearless with meal planning!

And it's all inside this Mindful Meal Prep and Planning Course!

Become a MINDFUL Meal Planner!

This course isn't your average meal prep course! The content in this course goes beyond helping you plan out meals. It teaches you how to be mindful, doing things with more awareness and intention so you can make every minute count! Learn how to utilize time most efficiently in every stage of meal preparation, from organizing your kitchen to getting the most out of your dollars!

What's Included?

1 Hour + Training Video
Learn Amanda's step by step strategy for getting dinner on the table in record breaking time in this pre-recorded training video. Amanda shares her biggest time and cost savings tips from over 20 years experience spent in commercial kitchens, as we
ll as her being an avid cooker and baker at home!

8 PDFs
Grab 8 valuable handouts to help organize you in the kitchen, including ways to decrease food waste, food allergy substitution charts and Amanda's favorite healthy foods to have on hand!

Bonus Material
No one has time to spend 4 hours every Saturday meal prepping for the week, and the good news is that you don't have to! Amanda gives you a glimpse into her own kitchen and share her favorite 3 ingredients dishes with you!



I’ve been a Registered Dietitian for 22 years and have been coaching men and women just like you online for 10 years now! 


Believe it or not, I used to be an emotional eater. I started out feeling hopeful and excited about the food and fun and by the end of the day felt guilty and emotionally wasted! I had no control over how much I ate and really had no awareness of how full I was until it was too late. Eating this way made me feel bloated, sluggish and wasted. 


I know that the holiday roller coaster wasn’t healthy, but 22 years ago Dietitians were taught what to eat, not “how” to eat. So, when I discovered a MINDFUL EATING APPROACH, it totally changed my life! 


Holidays became LESS of a threat to my weight loss goals. I started making food choices for me and not because someone else pressured me into making them. I felt more relaxed around food and in turn became more relaxed in other areas of my life. 


I have lived my own mindful journey, coached nearly 1,000 clients using mindfulness and my own SIGNATURE mindset strategies, based on my previous work experience teaching Stephen Covey principles, as the focal point and NOW I want to help you release the chains that food has on you too!

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