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Welcome To Our Virtual Online Courses!

Enroll in our fully professional, social, and interactive, LIVE and ON-DEMAND, virtual nutrition school now!

Meditation Made Easy: How to Live a Fully Charged Life

Our Next LIVE Session Begins April 26, 2021

Run as a LIVE and interactive program.

Recorded for ON-DEMAND viewing. 

It’s time to FINALLY learn how to “drop the drama” in your head so that you can live each day fully charged instead of entirely drained! Learn how to easily start meditating in the comfort of your own home and safe space inside our BRAND NEW interactive course, Meditation Made Easy! We break down how to easily and quickly meditate step by step! 


Instructors Amanda Liptak, Registered Dietitian and Mindset Coach and Christina Scalese, Registered Dietitian, Yoga Instructor and Meditation Specialist take the intimidation out of meditation as they present this 4-week course in a simplistic, fun and interactive way!


Have more physical energy to play with your kids, live with them “in the moment” really soaking in those special milestones without worrying about work all of the time.

Manage your daily stress and anxiety, learning to respond calmly instead of living life like you are always “putting out a fire!” 

Be more productive at work, generating ideas easier and finishing projects in less time.

Have more time each day to do the things that generally fall off your list when you are mentally overwhelmed; organize your home, grocery shop, food prep.

Now you can, inside the Meditation Made Easy 4-week course! 

Did you know that…

It’s estimated that you have between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day?


98% of these thoughts are the same as yesterday.


70% of these thoughts are unproductive, negative and even self-sabotaging! 


And they come into play when you try to problem solve, study, focus on work projects, and even make food choices! 


This means that you are likely living each day trying to manage irrelevant thoughts that are claiming your attention. 


And it also means that you are likely spending more time than you think talking down to yourself.


This type of activity takes a lot of energy and leaves you mentally and physically exhausted. It can limit your growth potential, work productivity and inner peace. 


The results of constant negative emotions and thoughts can manifest into physical ailments like depression, anxiety, joint pain, insomnia and more.

The Good News…


You can learn to control which thoughts are given attention and which ones have got to go, and it’s all inside Meditation Made Easy!



When you pull your car into your driveway after a hard day’s work do you leave the car engine running if the intention is to stay in for the rest of the night?


Of course not!


So why would you allow thoughts to continue to fill your mind even when it is time to rest?

Imagine if…

  • You could recognize when thoughts are harmful and quickly reframe those thoughts so that you see the positive in every situation.

  • You felt better equipped to handle stressful situations, like your kids’ spilling their food all over the floor or your boss putting unnecessary pressure on you to complete weekly tasks. 

  • You’re standing in the line at your favorite takeout place on your lunch hour and you’re able to confidently make food choices that make you feel good about yourself. This results in better mental focus and physical energy!

In this LIVE 4-week course, you will learn how to meditate in an easy step-by-step process so that you can live life energetically charged instead of energetically drained!

  • Meditation can be hard when you don’t have the right support and education to get you started, which is why we are going to be there to help you mentally quiet the distractions in your mind so that you can see the best results. 

  • Be guided through exactly how to use meditation to immediately decrease your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and gain control of your situation, no matter where you are! Perfect for anyone, but especially if you suffer from anxiety, depression or panic attacks.

  • Approach your day in a calm way and with a clear mindset, making decisions easier and with more forethought.

  • Begin using self-guided meditation techniques for food so that you can take control of the anxiety around your plate, feeling more confident with your nutrition choices.

It’s all in Meditation Made Easy!

Here's the Breakdown

Week 1: Squashing Meditation Intimidation

We break down the misconceptions around meditation and teach you how to easily and quickly begin this practice so that you can see max benefit.

Week 2: Breathing In New Life

Sometimes life gives you lemons and you need to make lemonade, so we’ll teach you how to defuse stressful and overwhelming situations by using one of the oldest breath practices of all time. This breath practice helps to cleanse both sides of the brain evenly so you leave peaceful, calm and invigorated.

Week 3: Live Your Purpose

Find your own personal connection to your meditation. You’ll learn about the power of self-talk. Redefine the language you speak to yourself as we personally walk you through how to create a mantra that is meaningful to you.

Week 4: Mindful Manners

We’ll take the tools you learned in the first three weeks and teach you how to apply it to your everyday life, including your eating habits, so you can begin to make food choices in a relaxed and calm way.

Meditation Made Easy Includes:

  • 60-Minute Weekly Teaching & Guided Meditation

      (LIVE every Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM EST and ON DEMAND thereafter)

  • Weekly meditation and mindfulness exercises

  • Homework and feedback provided by instructors  

  • Nutrient Rich Life Daily Meditation Cards Set                                                                      (These meditation cards take the guesswork out of meditation. Each card provides you with the daily guidance you need to get in your 10 mins of meditation and start your day off right! Great for beginners or those currently practicing.)

NOTE: The content for this course officially opens on MONDAY APRIL 26th, however the first LIVE webinar will not be until Wednesday April 28th. This will provide you with the time needed to read over the written content. We will proceed like this each week; each Monday content and each Wednesday webinar. 


Amanda is an online Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Mindset Coach, and the creator of the Nutrient Rich Life School of Online Nutrition. For the past 20  years, Amanda has been teaching clients how to ditch restrictive diets and lose weight for good. She works with clients privately 1:1 and personally instructs various group programs right here inside the online school. Amanda's clients see long term, life-long success because her approach to health encompasses more than just food. She focuses on connecting the mind, body and spirit so that her clients learn how to not only release the physical weight, but the mental weight. Meditation is a skill that she is passionate about teaching. She considers it her "secret sauce" to finding peace in her own life and she's excited to offer this value to you! 


Meet Christina

Christina Scalese, RDN, LD, RYT has been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for 9 years. She specializes in eating disorders and mindfulness-based eating awareness. Knowing the deep-rooted connection between body and mind, Christina developed a passion for yoga. She has been practicing for 15 years and became a yoga teacher 8 years ago. She specializes in meditation and Yoga for anxiety. Christina lives outside Cleveland, Ohio with her husband and two young boys. 

If You've Got Questions,
We've Got Answers!

1. Will you teach me EXACTLY HOW to meditate!
We are going to walk you through, step by step, exactly how to get started meditating or build your meditation practice so that you see all of the benefits you deserve! While meditation is indeed a private and individual practice, we will offer several opportunities to meditate as a group so that each participant can see and feel exactly what meditation looks like.

3. Who is this course for?
This course is for anyone that wants to learn how to meditate. Whether you are a beginner, and have always wondered what meditation is all about, or regularly meditate as part of your own practice, this course is for you! We consider it to be a “beginner to intermediate” level.!

5. What if I have a physical medical condition? Can I still enroll in this course?
Of course! Having a physical medical condition does not exclude you from thi
s course. We will not be addressing individual medical needs or teaching any type of active movement in this course.

2. Do I have to practice meditation daily in order to see max benefit?
This course is about empowering you to create a meditation routine that best serves you and to do that, you do NOT have to do it daily. You certainly can, if that speaks to you, but meditation, as you will learn in the course, can be just as effective when it is done a few minutes at a time throughout the week.

4. Who is this course NOT for?
This course is not for anyone seeking individual 1:1 nutrition coaching or personal mentorship. Anyone actively going through trauma or a traumatic period, or under the care of a mental health professional should first consult their provider to ensure that meditation is right for them.

6. What if I cannot be available during the LIVE section of this course?
This entire course is run on an online learning platform and is available ON DEMAND so if you miss any part of the course LIVE, it will be available for you when you are ready and available to learn!

7. What if I cannot finish reviewing the material by the time the course is over?While the course runs for a total of 4 weeks, you will have access to the content for a total of 6 weeks! This gives you additional time to get caught up on the content and download any material needed!

8. What if I cannot afford the entire cost of the course upfront?

If you prefer, the cost of the course can be divided into 2 payments! We don’t want  anyone to miss out on this awesome content!


By purchasing this course, you understand that the information in this course is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a substitute to individual medical advice. The instructors of this course, nor J Liptak, Healthcare Support Service Solutions, LLC, assumes no liability for outcomes.


J Liptak, Healthcare Support Service Solutions, LLC retains all ownership and intellectual property rights to program content and materials provided to you. All handouts and other supporting information and content you are provided is for your individual use only, including your login information to our learning platform. You are not allowed or authorized to share, copy, sell, post, distribute, reproduce, duplicate, exploit or otherwise disseminate any portion of the program or program materials in any way without our prior permission. All Sales FINAL.

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