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90-Minute One-Time Nutrition Support

Feeling like your nutrition is mostly balanced and you’ve gotten into a pretty good rhythm, but you’d love to speak to a seasoned, reputable Dietitian in order to tie up any loose ends and know exactly how you can hit the goals you’ve been desiring? Then our 90-Minute Nutrition Support is for you!  


  • There’s no shortage of nutrition information and hearing different points of view from different providers and even social media influencers can leave you feeling confused on what’s right for you. You deserve to be able to get the nutrition info that works for you, not just what the influencers are selling you. We can break this down for you, telling you how information you are reading and hearing applies to you. 

  • Everyone has different family needs. You’ll know exactly how to meal prep and plan for your family so that you can avoid being a “short-order cook” when you’ve got picky eaters.

  • Are you a caretaker of someone and need to understand how to shop and cook for them so that they can stay within the parameters of their nutrition needs? We can help you navigate this nutrition scene. 

  • Food allergies and intolerances can be difficult to navigate and products on the market can be confusing. Learn how and where to source allergy friendly brands, foods to avoid or include in your diet and more. 


Just $499! 


*Once your session is purchased, you will be sent an email to join our client portal “Practice Better.” Please accept our invitation to join and begin tracking your food intake until your scheduled session. Amanda will contact you via the portal chat to schedule. 

*All 90-Minute clients receive a Nutrition Guide and Session Summary from their visit. 


Disclaimer - This one time support is NOT for anyone who needs:

  • to make major nutrition and/or lifestyle changes

  • functional nutrition testing to dig deeper into the root cause of issues

  • to understand how to manage a newly diagnosed major health condition such as Diabetes or autoimmune disease

  • weight loss

If you fall into this category, please apply for 1:1 Nutrition Coaching HERE and Amanda will contact you to discuss the best way to approach your nutrition needs.

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