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Business Coaching

Calling all nutrition coaches! If you are looking to move your clients emotionally and physically towards a health quenching lifestyle while growing your business and personal brand, Nutrient Rich Life business coaching is for you!


Amanda is now offering 90-minute intensives and long-term programs to share some of her secrets on

business success.

See What Clients Are Saying


Amanda has truly helped me transform my nutrition business in a matter of months. When I first learned about Amanda, I wasn't looking for a business coach. I had listened to plenty of podcasts from business coaches and figured "why pay for something when there was so much FREE information out there."


Well, suffice it to say..I was wrong. I'd be getting so much more than just ' information' when I signed on with Amanda - I'd be getting specific strategies for how to take my unique business to the next level. And that, I did. Within only a couple months I was able to double the price of my group coaching services and have a sold out program. Amanda taught me her step-by-step framework for an effective program launch, how to create content that attracts my ideal client (she has amazing copy-writing skills), and how to structure my programs in a way that gives me back more time in the day. 


When I met Amanda I was feeling overwhelmed by how I could scale my business while working full-time in the corporate world, and Amanda showed me exactly how to do that. She helped me create systems and processes that have not only monetarily paid-off but has provided me with a sense of work-life balance that I didn't think was possible as a new entrepreneur. I'm now working smarter, not harder thanks to Amanda. If you are on the fence about investing in yourself, rest assured that the decision to work with Amanda will be one that you will not regret. 

Alisa Via-Reque MS, RD, LD

- Eat Fit Dallas


Working with Amanda has been so helpful for me as I am starting my business! There is so much to think about and consider  and Amanda really helps you focus in on the important things. As I am switching from inpatient care to outpatient care I have had a hard time adjusting my mind set, Amanda helped me build out packages for clients and also helped me look at things through a different and more helpful lens! Amanda is amazing, super genuine, and has made things feel much less overwhelming as I take a big leap! 

Kaity Kelsey RD, CD

-Bright Futures Nutrition 

Untitled design (55).png

I started working with Amanda because I was burned out, wanted to quit the dietetics profession and felt like I had completely lost my voice and passion for helping others. To solve the problem, I thought I just needed to do more and make more money, then I would be satisfied. Until Amanda taught me it's not about doing more, it's about being more!  Amanda has helped slow me down, while enhancing my effectiveness. She has refocused my attention on what really matters like my own thoughts, feelings and HOW I actually want to serve in this space. She has called me up on my limiting beliefs and required more from me as a person and a professional!.  Together, we have landed large speaking conferences, corporate contracts and more 1:1 individuals that are my ideal coaching clients that have generated over 60% revenue growth in my company in the last year! She has helped me articulate my message, reclaim my own life and shown me that anything can be created when you tune into what is truly meant for you!" 

Jana Mowrer, MPH, RDN, CDCES

-Health Wins 

Organized Desk

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