MRT Food & Chemical Sensitivity Testing & LEAP Protocol

The MRT® is the only patented blood test in the world that quantifies your body’s inflammatory response to 170 foods, chemicals and dyes.

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Is MRT Food & Chemical Sensitivity Testing & LEAP Protocol Right For You?

Even the “healthiest” and “cleanest” diets can cause your body to respond in an undesirable way.

You’ve been tracking your foods, trying to pay attention to how you are feeling, but it’s impossible to identify which food or chemical is actually causing you issues.

You’ve put the energy and focus into improving your lifestyle habits and choosing foods that you think are healthy for you, but still have symptoms that disrupt your life.


You’ve spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars on healthcare appointments and tests trying to identify the reason why your nagging symptoms persist, but still walk away without answers.


You have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or other health condition such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, Hashimotos, irritable bowel syndrome and your doctor has recommended that you see a Dietitian or nutritionist to make lifestyle changes.

What is MRT and LEAP?

The Mediator Release Test (MRT):


The MRT® is the only patented blood test in the world that quantifies your body’s inflammatory response to 170 foods, chemicals and dyes. (Most other tests only test foods). This is done by measuring how your body’s white blood cells respond to commonly eaten substances. When you consume foods that don’t agree with your body, the white blood cells release substances called “mediators.” These mediators can trigger nagging symptoms and make you feel sick.


Reactions to mediators are broken down into 3 categories; green (least reactive), yellow (moderately reactive) and red (highly reactive). In addition, specific measures for each food are listed so that your Registered Dietitian & Certified Leap Therapist (CLT) can help you create a nutrition plan to feel better as quickly as possible. The MRT® is able to produce fantastic results because it uses state-of-the-art technology, and is shown to have the highest level of accuracy of any food sensitivity blood test (94.5% sensitivity).

So then what does LEAP stand for? 


Lifestyle Eating and Performance (LEAP) is the name of the eating and lifestyle diet program and systematic approach to helping you feel your best. Also referred to as the “ImmunoCalm” diet, LEAP helps you Identify and eliminate foods and substances which trigger non-allergic immune system responses so that your body’s inflammation decreases.

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How does MRT work?

There is a 3-phase process for re-introducing foods back into the diet to help you determine how often and how much you can enjoy a food that was flagged reactive, without triggering a negative response. How quickly you see results and can move through the LEAP protocol diet depends on a variety of factors, including:


  • How many and how complex your health conditions are

  • How many reactive foods present on your MRT® results

  • The feedback you are able to provide to us when we work together

  • How well you are able to adhere with the nutrition plan we create together


Most clients feel at least 50% improvement by the end of Phase 1, or in the first 10-14 days!

Why MRT® and LEAP Protocol Over Other Food Sensitivity Tests?

While other food sensitivity tests advise you strictly on what NOT to eat, MRT and LEAP protocol focuses on embracing those foods that you CAN eat, enjoy and that your body is least reactive to! This creates a more positive experience for you and helps you achieve the best results in the least amount of time. It’s not just a test, it’s a plan!


"I have experienced the amazing benefits of this testing, and in 2 weeks time my symptoms improved by 75%. By 6 weeks my symptoms improved by 90%. I’m headache free, have more energy and even lost weight. LEAP improved the quality of my life!"

(Amanda Liptak, CEO Nutrient Rich Life)

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