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Mediator Release Testing (MRT®) and Coaching Package

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How to tell if the food you are
eating is making you sick?

Tell me if any of the following situations sound familiar…

  • Every time you eat bread you’re immediately bloated so you eliminate gluten from your diet, but don’t notice an improvement?

    And the result is that you’re still uncertain which food(s) are making you feel this way and - you continue to be bloated, uncomfortable and your pants don’t fit!


  • You love to enjoy a glass of wine or mixed drink out with friends but immediately end up with a migraine after?

    You have no idea if it’s the alcohol or something in the wine, but one thing’s for sure, you don’t want to miss out socially!


  • Even after the “cleanest” meals; tossed salads with fresh roasted veggies for example, your joints hurt and you wake up with puffy ankles and hands?

    This leaves you feeling confused and worried about what to eat, second guessing everything you’re putting in your mouth!

Even the “cleanest” diets can cause your body to respond in an undesirable way. Symptoms like headaches/migraines, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, irritable bowels, chronic inflammation of the skin and even mood changes can be a sign of food sensitivities. And if you have a medical condition like arthritis or other autoimmune disease, certain foods, no matter how “healthy,” can increase inflammation in your body, making you feel terrible. If these things persist for you, even though you feel as though you’ve done your due diligence in getting to the root cause of your health problems, then it’s time to explore MRT® Food and Chemical Sensitivity Testing.

What are food sensitivities?

A food sensitivity is a delayed immune reaction which can affect any organ in the body. Reactions to eating a food can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 days after ingesting it. This delayed onset of symptoms makes it extremely difficult to identify the culprit(s) just by observing what you are eating or keeping a food diary. Unless your diet consists of only the food in question and you eat that food for 3 consecutive days, it is impossible to know what food is actually causing you issues. Of course you and I both know that this is not how humans eat. We eat a variety of foods over the course of the day, not only one food every three days!

And sadly, with the standard American diet we aren’t just getting nutrients. Our food supply is laced with chemicals and dyes that can negatively impact our body in a number of ways. This is why it is important to consider that sensitivities exist not only to foods, but to chemicals and dyes too. This is where the MRT test comes in! 

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How we can help!

The MRT® is the only patented blood test in the world that quantifies your body’s inflammatory response to 176 foods, chemicals and dyes. And - our Registered Dietitians are certified in how to interpret the test and create a custom 3-phase diet that calms the immune system. This approach, called the ImmunoCalm diet or LEAP, helps you drastically manage your body’s inflammatory responses so that you can get to the root of your symptoms and finally feel better! As a matter of fact, most of our clients feel at least 50% improvement in the first 14 days! And while the ImmunoCalm (LEAP) diet is not a weight loss plan, many clients do lose weight as inflammation decreases in their body.

Want to Know What It's Like Working Together?

The MRT process has been life changing. I have struggled to find the triggers to migraines, headaches and just feeling better, for too long. I had been working with Amanda for awhile, yet had not uncovered the deeply rooted foods that were causing inflammation and delayed symptoms. Having celiac already and being strictly gluten free, I still knew there was underlying issues. Immediately I started to feel healthier, lighter, glowing (as many have commented), have lost 10 lbs and a couple inches, and my clothes fit better. I have hadn't had a migraine or headache in over two months and my menstrual cycle has dramatically improved. Major wins to improve my lifestyle permanently. This a journey and one that I am grateful for having started. 



How to know if MRT® & the ImmunoCalm (LEAP) Approach is Right For You?

This test and coaching might be right for you if: 

  • You’ve been tracking your foods, trying to pay attention to how you are feeling, but it’s impossible to identify which food or chemical is actually causing you issues.

  • You’ve put the energy and focus into improving your lifestyle habits and choosing foods that you think are healthy for you, but still have symptoms that disrupt your life.

  • You’ve spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars on healthcare appointments and tests trying to identify the reason why your nagging symptoms persist, but still walk away without answers.

  • Your doctor has recommended that you see a Dietitian or Nutritionist to make lifestyle changes because you have recently been diagnosed with a health condition(s) such as: 

    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

    • Chronic Migraine/Headache

    • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

    • ADD/ADHD

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Inflammatory Arthritis

    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    • Atopic Dermatitis (eczema, acne, hives)

This test and coaching might NOT be right for you if: 

  • You are not willing to dedicate time and energy to focus on the results of your test.

  • You have or had a history of eating disorder(s).

  • You are not willing to financially invest in testing AND coaching so that you can fully understand the results AND devise a short and long-term nutrition plan with your Dietitian.

If you’re questioning whether or not you are a good candidate for MRT, take the quiz below and/or submit an application and let’s discuss your situation so that you can find the best path to healing!

How it Works!

  • Your CLT Dietitian will meet with you for an initial 45-minute virtual video appointment to review your health history, symptom survey and guide you through the testing process. 

  • After you meet, we will register you with Oxford Laboratories and order your test.

  • A testing kit will be shipped to you and when you receive it, you will get your blood drawn. 

  • You’ll ship your kit back to Oxford for processing and await your results from us. 

  • We will contact you to schedule your 60-minute virtual results appointment and get you started!

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What You Need to be Willing to Do

In order for you to see the best results from the testing and coaching, you must be:


  • willing, able and dedicated to making major changes to your nutrition for 6-8 consecutive weeks.

  • ready to feel better NOW! (Most clients feel at least 50% improvement by the end of Phase 1, or in the first 10-14 days).

  • open to cooking and preparing foods at home, in different ways and using different methods.

  • motivated to put the effort into being proactive and safe when dining out, taking care to understand how meals are prepared in the restaurant and order foods that are included in your nutrition plan. 

  • prepared to meet with your CTL Dietitian on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, according to the coaching package chosen.

Mediator Release Test (MRT®) Food & Chemical Sensitivity Testing & Coaching

When you invest in a MRT testing and coaching package with us, we do all of the backend work for you, so you don’t have to, like:

  • registering you with Oxford Laboratories, the lab where your blood draw is sent for processing

  • drop shipping a testing kit directly to your front door

  • help you locate a lab near you or find a mobile unit to come directly to your home for your blood draw

  • receive your test results electronically and create a results packet for you

Want to Know What It's Like Working Together?

MRT can be overwhelming at first and you may feel like you can't eat anything, change your mindset and get creative with your food. It'll surprise you how much you'll enjoy it. Lean on your dietitian. They're so great at responding and helping you when you need it. The first few weeks of grocery shopping and ingredient/label reading can be confusing and I'm so glad I had them as a resource. I am down 16 pounds, no joint popping or pain, no longer taking Zyrtec every day, and my rings actually fit on my hands.

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What’s Included In Our Packages 

All MRT® - ImmunoCalm (LEAP) Coaching packages receive: 


  • An initial 45-min virtual video appointment to review your health history, symptom survey and guide you through the testing process.

  • MRT® Test Kit

  • MRT® Results 

  • A 1-hour virtual video appointment to review MRT® results and plan phase 1 of your elimination diet.

  • Monthly virtual support throughout our coaching time together.

  • Intermittent phone call check-in’s and chat access, as well as food and symptom journaling to help identify food triggers and symptoms via our client-only APP. 

  • Custom recipe suggestions and meal ideas to get you through the first phase of the elimination diet.

  • Custom shopping ideas to help you find products that work with your unique foods.

  • Food sensitivity-specific informational guides, handouts and visuals.

  • Support, encouragement and feedback from your experienced MRT® and ImmunoCalm (LEAP) Certified Dietitian (CLT)!

Our MRT PACKAGE provides you with:

(1) 45-minute virtual prep appointment
(1) 60-minute virtual results appointment
) 30-minute phone call every other week check in's

On-going support is available thereafter based on your needs. Our time spent together is usually 2.5-3 months. Please note that support at each phase is dependent on your results, ability to re-introduce new foods and adhere to the protocol.

The MRT Test can also be added on to any 1:1 nutrition coaching packing as well. To talk with us about whether or not MRT and coaching is right for your specific needs, apply here

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1. What does MRT® actually measure?

The MRT® is the only patented blood test in the world that quantifies your body’s inflammatory response to 176 foods, chemicals and dyes. (Most other tests only test foods). This is done by measuring how your body’s white blood cells respond to commonly eaten substances. When you consume foods that don’t agree with your body, the white blood cells release substances called “mediators.” These mediators can trigger nagging symptoms and make you feel sick.


Reactions to mediators are broken down into 3 categories; green (least reactive), yellow (moderately reactive) and red (highly reactive). In addition, specific measures for each food are listed so that your Registered Dietitian & Certified Leap Therapist (CLT) can help you create a nutrition plan to feel better as quickly as possible.


2. So then what does LEAP stand for? 

Lifestyle Eating and Performance (LEAP) is the name of the eating and lifestyle diet program and systematic approach to helping you feel your best. Also referred to as the “ImmunoCalm” diet, LEAP helps you Identify and eliminate foods and substances which trigger non-allergic immune system responses so that your body’s inflammation decreases.


3. How accurate is the MRT®? 

The MRT® is able to produce fantastic results because it uses state-of-the-art technology, and is shown to have the highest level of accuracy of any food sensitivity blood test (94.5% sensitivity).

4. What are the 3 Phases to this diet and why are they important? 

PHASE 1: The first 10-14 days. During this time, your Dietitian will work with you to identify the lowest reactive foods on your MRT test, providing you with approximately 30-45 foods. Meal prep ideas and recipe modifications are provided as needed to help you maintain a well-rounded and flavorful diet. Remember that the goal during this period is to drastically reduce diet-related inflammation which is a major cause of your symptoms.

PHASE 2: The next 4 weeks. Once you're feeling significantly better, we’ll introduce one new food per day, working up from your safest foods to foods with a higher chance of being reactive. During this time, you'll keep a food-symptom diary and monitor how the new foods make you feel. We will continue to help you navigate questions cross-reactive foods and interpret data tracked. Supplements might be added back at this time, as needed. 

PHASE 3: The next several weeks, client specific. Generally, after the first 6 weeks, untested foods are intentionally added back into your diet. The focus during this stage is to add variety and balance to keep your gut healthy and immune system strong. Any moderately reactive foods are avoided for three months, and highly reactive foods are avoided for six months before eating them again.

5. What if I do not feel as though I can follow all 3 Phases of the LEAP or ImmunoCalm Diet? Can I still benefit from this?

Yes! There are circumstances where we may want to approach LEAP in a modified way, and this is typically based on other health factors you have going on, certain lifestyle parameters, among other things. Talk with your CLT Dietitian to discuss what your MRT journey may look like. 

6. How quickly can I expect to see results once I begin the LEAP or ImmunoCalm Diet?

How quickly you can move through the LEAP protocol diet depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • How many and how complex your health conditions are

  • How many reactive foods present on your MRT® results

  • The feedback you are able to provide to us when we work together

  • How well you are able to adhere with the nutrition plan we create together

Most clients feel at least 50% improvement by the end of Phase 1, or in the first 10-14 days!

7. Is MRT® considered a food allergy test?

No. Food sensitivity and food allergy tests are different and here’s why. While food allergies and sensitivities are both immune responses, they operate on totally different pathways. A true food allergy triggers a reaction to your mast cells, involving an IgE response. The reaction occurs every time, and shortly after eating a food, you are allergic to. A food sensitivity, however, can affect any organ system in the body and impacts you from 45-minutes up to 3 days after consuming the food. The treatments commonly provided for the symptoms that are caused by food sensitivities often only mask them instead of addressing their root cause. MRT® provides you with the opportunity to finally identify your triggers and the LEAP protocol provides you with the knowledge on how to live a life that minimizes them!

8. Why should I invest in MRT® and LEAP Protocol Over Other Food Sensitivity Tests?

While other food sensitivity tests advise you strictly on what NOT to eat, MRT and LEAP protocol focuses on embracing those foods that you CAN eat, enjoy and that your body is least reactive to! This creates a more positive experience for you and helps you achieve the best results in the least amount of time. It’s not just a test, it’s a plan!

9. Can I purchase ONLY the test without the coaching?

Providing you only with the test and not a solid plan is where other testing methods go wrong. One of the reasons why our clients get such wonderful results is because we combine the information provided by the MRT® AND a way to apply it for your lifestyle and eating preferences through coaching. This is why we do not offer the test by itself.

10. Can I add the MRT® on to my 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Package?

Yes! Many clients find that combining the MRT® and the 1:1 nutrition coaching provides them with immense benefits. Your provider will work with you to assess whether or not you are a good candidate for the MRT® and at what point in your journey would be the best time to begin the testing and ImmunoCalm diet.

11. Can any Registered Dietitian order the MRT and provide me with the LEAP or ImmunoCalm diet?

Only Certified LEAP Therapists (CLT’s) are permitted to offer the MRT® and LEAP nutrition protocol.  CLT’s have gone through specific training and testing to learn how to properly interpret MRT® results and create a specific nutrition plan based on those results and your lifestyle needs.

12. Have you personally done the MRT and LEAP or ImmunoCalm Diet?

Yes! Coach Amanda has personally done the testing and coaching as part of her training and certification. she opted to engage in the testing for her own health reasons and saw incredible results! Here’s what Amanda had to say:

"I have experienced the amazing benefits of this testing, and in 2 weeks' time, my symptoms improved by 75%. By 6 weeks my symptoms improved by 90%. Now, at 16 weeks, I remain headache free, have more energy, and have even lost weight. LEAP improved the quality of my life, which is why I feel so passionate about offering this food and chemical sensitivity testing and coaching to you!"

Amanda Liptak, CEO

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