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Fearless with Foods 2.0

Pre-recorded learning modules and scheduled LIVE group coaching calls!

The only nutrition program that takes you from being stuck in years of the “binge - restrict - repeat” cycle to FINALLY feeling confident in the foods that you eat and the skin that you’re in!


Led by 22-year veteran Registered Dietitian and Mindset Coach Amanda Liptak, this 12- week group coaching program teaches you how to be in control with foods and allows you to move beyond the fear of what will happen if you don’t “eat the right thing,” even when you have food sensitivities and other medical conditions!

It's time to heal your mind and body so that you can finally stop starting your diet over! 

Join us for group coaching calls every Tuesday evening at
7:30 PM EST. Calls are recorded if you miss!

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Eating can be a pretty stressful activity. There is a part of you that is telling yourself “just one more,” and with another cookie comes a sense of relief and comfort, but another part of you feels guilt and shame.


The cycle of mixed emotions and repeated behavior feels like you are in the boxing ring with yourself. You are cornered and cannot get out.


Yep - I know all too well these emotions, because I too used to be YOU! My vice? Every holiday, every birthday, every reason to celebrate and it lasted days. It always ended with me saying to myself “ah, just one more...once it’s gone we won’t be having cake anymore.”


Stop feeling like unless you are eating "clean" or following "Whole30" you aren't being "healthy!"

Stop fearing that certain foods are “forbidden” and can never be enjoyed because they will cause you to gain weight.


Know exactly how to make decisions based on what your body truly needs rather than feeling pressured to “save your calories” for later!


Learn how to enjoy foods when you are truly hungry, instead of eating because you are bored, sad or fearful.


Own your own nutrition plan instead of spending hours on the internet or continuously restarting on Monday and wondering if the diet your neighbor is on is right for you!

Now you can, inside Fearless with Foods 2.0!

Imagine if…

  • You felt free to eat your "unhealthy" meal any night of week, instead of purposely saving it for the weekend.

  • You didn't have to rely on nutrition approaches like "Whole30" in order to be "eating healthy." 

  • You could approach any celebration day  or holiday just like any other day of eating.

  • You could stop spending all of your time on dissecting food, calories and weight.

  • You no longer had to restart every Monday because you ‘screwed up’ on the weekend.

Inside you will learn how to use your fork on your own terms so that you can feel damn good about the food on your plate and be the badass you were meant to be! Period!

You will learn our EXACT 4-Step Mindful Eating Strategy which teaches you to:

Live and eat in the moment rather than having your hand on your fork now, but your thoughts into next week!


Tap into your natural hunger cues so that you eat when your body needs fuel the most.


Stop eating when you feel full instead of eating until your stomach hurts and you feel like you need to restrict yourself when the next meal rolls around.


Approach nutrition with a “progress” mindset instead of trying to be the “perfect” eater.


You may feel like you have to count calories, points or constantly count macros, but real long term change comes in learning MORE ABOUT YOU and what your body needs. Food is more than just learning to “eat this and not that” and counting every calorie every day for the rest of your life.


This 12-week online group coaching program offers you solid, reputable and proven information taught by a Registered Dietitian with 22 years experience to help get you started!


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Here's the line-up!

Bread and Butter

Module 1: The Rules that Define Our Goals

Learn about today’s most popular food rules and if you need them in order to see nutrition success.

Traffic Sign

Module 4: The 4-Step Mindfulness Strategy

Mindfulness is defined here! The 4-step strategy teaches you how to effectively manage food cravings and feelings with food.

Kitchen Scale

Module 2: Progress Not Perfection

We often struggle to be consistent with our nutrition when we view it in terms of “all or nothing.” Learn how to adopt a progress first approach.


Module 5: Grieve it and Leave it

Learn how to healthfully move through the 5-stages of food grief, calling out where you’ve been and commit to action in order to move forward.

Eating Salad

Module 3: Using the "Pause" to Re-program Habits

Nearly 95% of our daily habits are automatic. Learn how to break the cycle of old habits and create new ones by slowing down.


Module 6: Out and About with Mindfulness

Learn how to manage social situations such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays in a mindful way that makes you feel good about eating out at these events.

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Module 7: The Gut/Brain Relationship

Learn the science behind how your gut and brain communicate, including how this connection plays a distinct role in the food choices you make. Grab tactical tips and strategies to improve overall gut health and set yourself up for long term weight loss success!  

Fearless With Foods 2.0 Includes:

12 week group coaching program! 

  • Over 7 learning modules that each include structured pre-recorded 15-30 minute lessons, handouts and visuals to support topics

  • 12 weekly group coaching calls (LIVE every Tuesday at 7:30pm EST and RECORDED for later viewing)

  • Use of our food and mood journal to track calories and macros to help you stay accountable with your nutrition 

  • Additional handouts, journals and TIPS to help you achieve SUCCESS!

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The Way I See It…

You can keep Googling “2023 Best Diet” or “How to Stop Stress Eating”,



Join Fearless with Foods and learn exactly how to do this yourself.


You can keep getting freebies, spend weeks wondering if APPS like Noom will be worth your time,



Join Fearless with Foods, the only nutrition program led by a Registered Dietitian and Mindset Coach who is ready to help you dial down on your fear around food and make real changes that matter to you!

You can finally start feeling in control with food. That's just under $5 a day when using our payment plan option!

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Group Coaching Price

4 PAYMENTS of $199


1 PAYMENT of $796

Here’s what others are saying about this course!

"I actually stop and think now before I eat anything. I ask myself if I really will benefit from eating it. Really has helped me a lot. I enjoy learning different things from Amanda which is why I enjoy her classes and podcasts."


"It was this course that finally to me to understand how important it was for me to stop restricting food during the week in order to enjoy the weekend. I started eating the same all week, without guilt and am now steadily losing weight. No more yo-yo dieting! Thank you, Amanda!"


"Lost 10 lbs! Being much more conscious - more water, more greens, less fat, less booze!"


"Amanda breaks down the challenges with emotional eating into easy and manageable steps. She forecasts practices that have sabotaged our progress in the past. I have previously consulted with other Nutritionists on this subject and none of them provided the LIVE guidance and strategies Amanda did. I highly recommend this course."


I’ve been a Registered Dietitian for 22 years and have been coaching men and women just like you online for 10 years now! 


Believe it or not, I used to be an emotional eater. I started out feeling hopeful and excited about the food and fun and by the end of the day felt guilty and emotionally wasted! I had no control over how much I ate and really had no awareness of how full I was until it was too late. Eating this way made me feel bloated, sluggish and wasted. 


I know that the holiday roller coaster wasn’t healthy, but 22 years ago Dietitians were taught what to eat, not “how” to eat. So, when I discovered a MINDFUL EATING APPROACH, it totally changed my life! 


Holidays became LESS of a threat to my weight loss goals. I started making food choices for me and not because someone else pressured me into making them. I felt more relaxed around food and in turn became more relaxed in other areas of my life. 


I have lived my own mindful journey, coached nearly 2,000 clients using mindfulness and my own SIGNATURE mindset strategies, based on my previous work experience teaching Stephen Covey principles, as the focal point and NOW I want to help you release the chains that food has on you too!


Fearless with Foods FAQ’s

Are you going to tell me exactly what to eat and when?
This program is about empowering you to make informed choices, not give you a play by play account of which foods to eat. If you can learn to approach foods and thoughts differently, embrace mindfulness as part of your life, you will WIN every time. This is THE PROGRAM to help you get started, and I will be right there with you, prompting you through a series of homework assignments and journals to make sure you see SUCCESS! BUT - if you feel like you're need more dialed in 1:1 guidance, opt for the bundle where you can combine the power of the program content and 1:1 every other week coaching calls!

Who is this program for?
This program is for anyone that wants to take control of their food habits, learn how to have a better relationship with food and STOP thinking about weight loss as an “all or nothing” approach!

Who is this program NOT for?
This program is not for anyone who wants to utilize diet shakes or pills or any combination thereof to facility weight loss. It is not for anyone looking for a specific “play by play” diet plan. It is not for anyone looking for the “magic bullet” to weight loss!

What if I have a medical condition? Can I still enroll in this program? 
Of course! Having a medical condition does not exclude you from this program. We will not be addressing individual medical needs or specific medical conditions.

What if I cannot be available for the LIVE weekly calls?
Each learning module in this program has several pre-recorded lessons that are roughly 15-30 minutes in length so that you can move through the content at your own pace. Group coaching calls are offered weekly live, but recorded and uploaded to the classroom so that when it's convenient for you to view them, you can! You will still get immense value out of this program even if you cannot join us for the live group calls. 

What if I cannot finish reviewing the material by the time the program is over?
You have access to support for 12 weeks. If you would like to extend support, just message Amanda inside the program and we can find a timeline that fits your needs. 

What if I cannot afford the entire cost of the course upfront?
If you prefer, the cost of the course can be divided into 5 payments! We don’t want anyone to miss out on this awesome content!


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