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Meet Laura MS, RDN, LD
Assistant Coach

Hi! I’m Laura, a Registered Dietitian and Health Coach. I help women gain control of

their hormones by teaching them how to build a better plate, harness the power of sleep, and develop tools that are effective at managing stress. In my experience in the field of nutrition, my approach has been to identify and address the root cause of symptoms and develop personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to achieve optimized healing.

Although I committed myself to helping women live vibrant lives, my own story is much like yours!

After having some lab testing done, I learned that I was living in a constant state of fight or flight and found some significant nutrient deficiencies. My body was stressed and not uptaking important nutrients into my cells. More importantly, my hormones and thyroid suffered. I was having a hard time healing on my own! I learned to incorporate steps to reduce stress on my body, committed to daily outdoor time, and made major nutrition changes (yes, even an RD can improve food choices!). I am a firm believer that food is medicine and root cause treatment is the key to healing.

I’m a busy mom, wife, daughter, and friend. I share in the chaos of everyday life. Whether it be at my son’s cross-country meets or my daughter’s play practices, I work hard to nurture and care for myself and I’m now more in tune with how I feel. Every day I make intentional, consistent choices to nourish my cells, hormones, and mind. I am ready to be your partner, and as a team, work to help you feel healthy and confident so you will achieve your dreams!


Laura’s Specialties: 

  • Women’s Health/Hormone Support
           DUTCH hormone testing

  • Weight Loss Management

  • Pre-Diabetes/Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes

  • Autoimmune

  • Metabolic Syndrome

  • Intuitive Eating and Mindfulness


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