Meet Amanda

Hi! I’m Amanda, a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist of 20 years, Mindset Coach, and Certified Aromatherapist. My passion lies in helping you ditch the diet culture mindset and adopt a more sustainable way of eating that is aligned with what your body needs. 


I’ve helped over 400 women and men move past the fear of not eating the right thing and adopt an “all-foods-fits” approach. Lose weight doing it, and keep the weight off for good!

My story started in the dance industry, at the young age of four and I went on to dance on professional teams, including for Cleveland sports. And while dance was such a positive activity in my life, it also validated my need to try and be perfect. I found myself wanting to carry this into all areas of my life, including my work, the way I exercised and ate.


It wasn’t until after I had my son that I realized what I was doing. I tried to lose weight and couldn’t. I was mentally stuck in the world of perfectionism. The most frustrating part is that I was helping other women and men lose weight, but I couldn’t get out of my own way.


I spent nearly 15 years, 782 weeks, 5,478 days, and 7,889,232 minutes comparing my body and my progress in life to other women and now I’ve dedicated my practice to make sure that you don’t have to! 


My experience in healthcare and corporate management set me up with the skills to open my own practice in 2015. I was teaching group fitness classes and realized that my students could greatly benefit from my help. I began teaching clients how to eat mindfully, intuitively, and balance macros to create boundaries so their bodies had better overall balance.


My coaching and courses offer a full-circle approach to nutrition, extending beyond an “eat this, don’t eat that approach.” I help you become more aware of how you think and feel around food so that you can build healthy habits that stick and improve things like emotional eating, digestion, fatigue, detoxification, women's health, gut health, weight loss, stress, and more.


And now it’s your turn to begin your transformation and start living your best life. After all, God has given us only one. 


Start your Nutrient Rich Life journey today!

Q: What would you like people to know about Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN’s)?

A: Nutrition and Dietetics covers vast ground. No one Dietitian can be an expert in every arena. One of the things that Dietitians are well educated on is knowing what is and what is not within their scope of practice. For instance, my board certification allows me to see both children and adults but I am not a specialist in pediatric nutrition. As a matter of fact, I only see adults in my practice. I was recently asked to see a child with specific dietary needs and I was happy to refer them to a friend who is board certified in pediatric nutrition who can better handle the specifics of their case.

Q: What are the challenges that RDN’s face as a profession?

A: There are still some folks out there that think of Dietitians as the “food police.” Somehow over time Dietitians have acquired a reputation of ruling with an iron fist and speaking to their clients based on an “all or nothing” approach. While it is true that Dietitians are taught in school to advocate for science-based studies and manage their client’s plan of care based on certain criteria, this could not be less true about the profession. Today’s Dietitians are well connected with their client’s needs, are very in touch with the current trends and have indeed tried an array of healthful foods on the market. Most Dietitians are living and breathing examples of what they preach.

Q: What do people think your day consists of?

A: I had someone tell me once that they believed my day consisted of menu writing. My day is so much more than that! There are days that I get to source out new and exciting foods for my clients, teach group fitness classes, share my love for essential oils or test food allergy friendly recipes in my kitchen!

Q: What misinformation about RDN’s would you like to clear up?

A: Many people out there believe that anyone who uses the term “Nutrition” or “Nutritionist” has had the same schooling and this is simply not true. There are short-term certification programs out there, but such programs are not degreed. I just didn’t take a class or course in Nutrition, I studied it for many years. And I’m continuing my education so that I can increase my knowledge in this fast-paced world of food. It is also my experience that RDN’s tend to be life-long learners. The board of Nutrition and Dietetics ensures that continuing education is verified and on-going.

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: The question is...”what isn’t my favorite food?” I have a love for food. I love growing food, I love creating new recipes with food and I love the smell of a good meal centered around the table with family and friends!”

Q & A With Amanda