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“Crushing Your Cravings” Food Challenge!

A 3 day challenge to dial back food cravings for good!

Wednesday, October 25th - Friday 27th

Join Coach Amanda LIVE every day at 12 noon EST on your lunch break or catch the recording and follow along there! 

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Are you tired of constantly battling food cravings that sabotage your health goals? Struggling to resist that tempting bag of chips, that sweet tooth calling your name, or those late-night snacking urges? You're not alone!

🌟 Imagine a life where you food cravings don’t preoccupy your mind.

You’re sitting at your desk working, deep in thought and all of a sudden your brain is saying “Man - I can really go for a piece of chocolate right now!” 

Or - you’ve just finished a lovely dinner and walk away feeling great, but one hour later you’re talking with your spouse about heading out to get ice cream! 


What you really want is to be more in control of your cravings, to not have them disrupt your day or pop up at the most inconvenient times! 


You want to just eat and be able to move on with life without constantly feeling like your mind is self sabotaging your efforts to become healthier!


Now you can, and it’s all inside our 3-day CRUSHING YOUR CRAVINGS CHALLENGE!

🚀 Join our 3-Day Challenge and unlock the secrets to:

DAY 1: Understanding Your Cravings

Discover the root causes behind your cravings and how to overcome them.

DAY 2: Building Gut Healthy Habits

Learn proven strategies to properly support your digestion so that stress and anxiety don’t impact the nutrients that your body is actually able to absorb (ps - this is where those pesky gut pains and bloating can come from)! 

DAY 3: Mindful Eating Mastery

Gain control over your relationship with food through easy mindfulness techniques that put you more in tune with your body so that overeating can be a thing of the past!

Join the Challenge today! Just $27


Why Choose Our Challenge?

  • Say Goodbye to Guilt: Break free from the guilt and frustration that come with uncontrolled cravings and stop saying “I shouldn’t have eaten that!”

  • Practical Tools: No shakes, pills or fancy probiotic powders! Just practical, realistic, easy to follow tasks that help you dig deep into your food situation so that you can see the most impact for YOUR personal situation. 

  • Supportive Approach: You aren’t comparing your ability to others inside the challenge or some “industry standard,” the only person you are comparing yourself to is you! Most challenges create standard “boxes” that everyone needs to check off in order to succeed, but this challenge has you move through the 3 days at your own pace! This is where the real growth lies!

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom of experienced Dietitian Nutritionist, Amanda Liptak who’s helped over 1,000 people stop self sabotaging their diet and finally get control over food cravings for good! Her advice and tools for reflection inside this challenge help you finally level up!

  • Investment in Your Future: Stopping the ‘issues’ before they start is the key preventing you from all the excessive medical bills in the future. And NOW - before the holidays hit is the time to focus on gaining control over your health! 

Don't let food cravings hold you back any longer! Seize this opportunity to reclaim your health and embrace a life free from the tyranny of cravings.


📆 Mark your calendar for our upcoming 3-Day Challenge and take the first step towards a happier body and mind!

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Spaces are limited, so don't miss out. Reserve your spot today and start your journey dialing back those cravings!

  • 3-Day nutrition challenge

  • Written instructions sent via email before the challenge.

  • 12 PM EST LIVE trainings each day with replay sent to you. 

  • Daily actionable tasks to kick cravings!

👇 Click the link below to join the challenge now! 

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