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Finally an easy and straightforward way to tackle inflammation!


“Fighting Inflammation in 30 Days”

My proven 3-step strategy to taking control of your inflammation so that you can slash your risk of disease
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It’s time to conquer inflammation and take control of chronic pain and fatigue.

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

  • Your doctor has told you to lose weight and decrease stress but you don’t know where to start?

  • You have high blood pressure, cholesterol or high triglycerides?

  • You’ve just had labs run and were told that your inflammatory markers are high?

  • You have arthritis and are waking up in the morning feeling stiff and unable to start your day without pain?

  • You’re pre-diabetic and your doctor “just wants to watch it” but you’re ready to take action so that it doesn’t develop into diabetes?

  • You’re tired of living with digestive issues like bloating, gas, abdominal pain and discomfort?

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You likely know that eating French fries and hamburgers won’t give you the results you want to see, but do you know what to eat beyond that?


If you Google “anti-inflammatory diet” and you’ll find a slew of foods to eat and foods not to eat, but beyond that - there’s little the internet is going to offer you….


Until now! 


The fighting inflammation guide has served as my personal method for helping clients lower inflammation for years.


And the value inside is what has resulted in my clients finally being able:


  • to say that their cholesterol has fallen into the “safe and healthy” range. 

  • that their CRP (c-reactive protein) has improved, showing that their inflammatory condition is more managed. 

  • to feel like waking up each day is more bearable because they have noticeably less joint pain. 

This 3-step method is proven to help manage inflammation and if you follow it, you’ll see improvement in just 30 days.

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Here’s what’s inside:


1. Step one ADD; 

find out what magic component of carbohydrates helps lowering inflammation and how to get started adding more of it to your diet 

2. Step two SWAP; 

there’s 5 swaps that create the most impact in lowering inflammation and improving laboratory markers. Learn which ones and start making swaps right away!

3. Step three BALANCE; 

eating more anti-inflammatory foods is a great way to start but if you want to maintain progress, you will need to balance your omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids. Find out what they are, why they are important and how to do it.

PLUS - get my favorite anti-inflammatory marinade recipes! Perfect for the grill! 

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It’s one guide jam-packed with my best practices and I’m making it available to you for the very first time! 


Inflammation is known as “the silent killer” because if it’s left alone it will deteriorate your health. 


Don’t sit back and let inflammation overcome you. 

Grab this digital guide NOW for only $37! 

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